Government Conference Reports

Attend government conferences and write  proceedings summarizing speakers’ presentations, participants’ discussions and hand-out materials. Provide two-page bullet reports of conference highlights to speakers scheduled to give closing statements.

Consumer Publications

Identify issues of concern to consumers, conduct research, send queries to magazine and newspaper editors, interview sources and write feature stories. For samples click here.


Meet with executive staff of non-profit organizations to develop publications’ themes,   brainstorm story ideas, conduct interviews and write stories for magazines and newsletters;  write op-eds, annual reports, press-releases and online content. For samples click here.

Trade Newsletters

Conducted needs assessment for trade publication and launched two independent trade newsletters for the transportation industry. Served as reporter for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly newsletter covering various industries. For samples, click here.

Essays/Online Columns

Launched two online columns hosted by internet magazine publishers, selected seasonal topics to feature, interviewed sources and wrote stories for these Internet sites.  For samples click here.


Submitted a book proposal on coping with depression to a publisher of self-help books,  identified a psychologists to serve as the expert and co-author, conducted research and interviews and wrote a 300-page  book.  Ghost writer for a book about nutrition and health geared towards soccer moms.  For samples, click here.